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Multipurpose Controlled Atmosphere Furnace

Multipurpose and compact design

・ Modification to special purpose furnace
・ Possible to custoize High Vacuum(10-5Pa)
・ Rapid heat-up/cool-down with meal heater and heat insulation
・ Less contamination and clean atmosphere
・ Wide usage for R&D activity
・ For burning, sintering, resolving, and brazing

・ Customized heat zone size
・ Use of hydrogen atmosphere
・ Available temperature at 2600degree(MAX)
・ Higher vacuum(10-5Pa)
・ Use of turbo molecular pump
・ Combine with material testing equipment
・ Combine with hot press system
・ Combine with glove box
・ Adding chiller unit
・ Upgrading safety device

Multipurpose Controlled Atmosphere Furnace Outward Appearance


・ Semi-conductor, Chemistry
 Sintering of ceramics parts
・ Liquid crystal
 Hardening treatment of liquid crystal glass
・ Nano Technology
 Sintering of nano materials(graphite, and others)
・ IT
 Sintering of quartz lens, parts for laser
・ Automobile
 Sintering of ceramics and new materials
・ Steel industry
 Steel, ceramics, and combined materials
・ Glass, Cement
  Melting of glass and cement materials

Model NM 8×20 NM 15×20
Heat Zone Size φ80×200H φ150×200H
Temperature 2000℃(MAX)
Atmosphere Vacuum、Inert gases(N2 , Ar , He)
Pressure ×10-3Pa, 0.014Mpa(Normal Temperature)
Heater Tungsten mesh heater
(size mm)

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