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Pressurization Furnace
SCO Series

For high sample quality

・ Up to MAX1700℃
・ Accurate controlled thermal Uniformity±5℃(1700℃)
・ Use of inert gases atmosphere
・ Gas pressure : MAX0.99MPa(9.9kg/cm2
・ Simple design

・ Degreasing system
・ Exhaust gas treatment

Pressurization Furnace Outward Appearance


・ Semi-conductor, Chemistry, steel industry, and others
  Press-forming for high density ceramics and new materials

Model SCO 12×20×20 SCO 20×20×20 SCO 40×40×40
Heat Zone Size 120W×200H×200L 200W×200H×200L 400W×400W×400L
Temperature 1700℃(MAX)
Atmosphere The air、Oxygen、Inert gases(N2、Ar、He)
Pressure Vacuum~0.99Mpa(9.9kg/cm2)
Heater Molybdenum Disilicide(MoSi2)
(size mm)

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