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Hot Press

Easy setting of jig

・ Easy setting of jig with front opening door
・ Double wall water-cooling jacket(Compact design)
・ Can be used for burning, sintering, and dissolving in addition to hot press
・ Wide range of press control

・ Degreasing with burning
・ Exhaust gases treatment
・ Heat zone size customized
・ Operates in air atmosphere

Hot Press Outward Appearance


・ Semi-conductor, Chemistry, the steel industry, and others
  Press-forming for high density ceramics and new materials
  Controlled contraction of ceramics sintering
  Press-forming for semi-conductor element

Model NP 15 NP 20 NP 25
Heat Zone Size φ150x200H φ200×200H φ250×200H
Temperature 2300℃(MAX)
Atmosphere Vacuum、Inert gases(N2、Ar、He)
Pressure ×10-3Pa, 0.014Mpa(Normal Temperature)
Pressing Pressure
Heater Graphite/Tungsten/Molybdenum
(size mm)
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