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High Temperature Multiple Atmosphere Furnaces
SCN Series

Multiple atmosphere furnace for the use of both inert gases and air atmosphere

・ MAX temperature up to 1700℃
・ Accurate controlled thermal Uniformity±5℃(1700℃)
・ Possible to use inert gas atmosphere including hydrogen gas atmosphere
・ Possible to use the air
・ Double wall water-cooling jacket(compact design)

・ Thermal degreasing system
・ Oximeter to measure the volume of Oxygen inside the furnace

High Temperature Multiple Atmosphere Furnaces

・ Liquid crystal
  Thermal degreasing and burning of liquid crystal materials(target)
・ Semi-conductor, steel industry, nonferrous metal industry,
  oil chemistry, others

  Sintering of ceramics and new materials

Model SCN 20×20×20 SCN 40×40×40 SCN 60×60×60
Heat Zone Size 200W×200H
Temperature 1700℃(MAX)
Atmosphere The air、Oxygen、Hydrogen、
Inert gases(temperature limited)
Pressure 10Pa
Heater Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2)
(size mm)

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